WoWKits Infant and Toddler Products

WoWKits infant and toddler products are part of a line called “Small Wonders“. Developmentally appropriate practice guides all of our product development including these kits and activity binders.

While all young children are eager learners and learn best by doing, we believe strongly that infants and toddlers are NOT small preschoolers. It is the process that matters to them, not the product. Yes, many toddlers love to color with crayons, but it is the feel of running a crayon across a piece of paper that fascinates them, or the visual stimulation of a colored line appearing before their eyes. They may be curious about the taste of the crayon or what it feels like to bang it or throw it. They have no interest in decorating a picture or creating a drawing. Our hand-on, experiential activities support this amazing curiosity.

Our Infant and Toddler curriculum and activities encourage children to explore all areas of development (language, motor, sensory and social/emotional).

Parents looking for ideas of fun things to do with a child that will also help him or her to learn and grow should check out our home kits.

Teachers in child care centers may be more interested in our “Just for…” series, which is designed as an infant and toddler curriculum guide specifically for child care center environments. We also have a kit for home child care providers caring for infants and toddlers.

Our new theme units for toddlers are another great, developmentally appropriate way to help 18-36 month-olds discover and explore.

All of our activity binders were created with the help and feedback of a lot of wonderful people from all walks of life- from parents to child care professionals and early childhood professors. And thanks to the continued feedback of our customers, we are always working to make a great product line even better.

Please feel free to post your comments, questions or suggests for WoWKits infant and toddler products here.

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