WoWKits for Preschool and Kindergarten

World of Wonder has two wonderful lines of theme-based curriculum units for preschool and kindergarten.

  • The activities are all hands-on and developed in accordance with the latest research on how children learn.
  • Each activity lists the Multiple Intelligences used and gives you easy, step-by-step directions to follow, as well as ideas on how to extend or modify the experience.
  • All of the activities in our pre-k binders are aligned to general state standards for preschool

Terrific Topics– complete theme-based units that can last from a week up to a month, depending on your program’s schedule. You can purchase a complete kit, full of fun and engaging toys and materials that support each theme (i.e the In the Garden Kit includes a rain stick, gardening tools, plastic vegetables and much more) or you can just buy the binder full of activities.   and the Terrific Topics binders also include useful information, planning and assessment forms for teachers.

Mini Kits– follow the same principles of the Terrific Topics units. They are also theme-based and follow the same activity format, though many of the activity extending ideas help you to modify activities for slightly older children. These units are smaller than the Terrific Topics units and can also be purchased as complete kits with supporting materials, or as individual binders. Binders do not include planning or assessment forms.

Because of the hands-on, experiential nature of our activities and curriculum design, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from teachers working with special needs, including autism spectrum disorders.

If you would like to share your experiences with our preschool and kindergarten curriculum and learning materials or would like to post your own comments, questions or suggestions, please do so! It is your feedback that has helped to shape the look, feel, functionality and content of our binders.


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