WoWKits Early Literacy Materials

World of Wonder has a great line of early literacy materials. Children are much more likely to enjoy reading if they are read to at a very young age. This is why we start our Favorite Story Bags at the pre-reader level. The books included in this bag are family favorites, appropriate for infants and toddlers, as well as preschoolers. The other bags include books appropriate to the different developmental stages of reading and are appropriate for those just starting to sound out words and those who are practicing becoming more fluid readers. The activities in the binders are designed for families to do together. Some activities require simple materials found at home (crayons, paper), but many activities don’t require any materials at all. Each bag is a wonderful and fun way for parents to learn how they can support their child’s reading skills.

If you are a parent, the bags are a great way to educate yourself on how children learn to read. The introduction section has a great overview on the stages of literacy development as well as tips for handling common reading issues (motivation, comprehension, pre-reading skills, etc.) And the activities are a fun way to engage your child in developing literacy skills.

If you are a teacher, the activities and materials can very easily be used in the classroom. The binders include informational sheets that make great hand-outs for parents, and because everything is in a zippered bag, they work well as family lending materials.

In addition to the Family Literacy Bags, World of Wonder also has a Letters & Sounds Mini Kit and binder. This is designed to help older preschoolers and elementary-aged children explore reading and writing with unique activities and materials. We use the Multiple Intelligences to help engage children and motivate them to develop these important skills through activities that capture their own personal interest, across the curriculum. Maybe you have a child who loves science but hates reading. Try some of our Letters & Sounds science activities. Active kids will love those activities developed for Kinetic learners.

If you’ve got comments or questions about our early literacy materials, please post them here!


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