About Me and World of Wonder

Before starting World of Wonder, a company that makes curriculum and activity kits for young children, I worked in a lot of different educational environments. My career in education started at the Children’s Museum in Boston where I worked with the public in the exhibits and helped with visiting school groups. There I learned the power of alternative learning environments. I also worked for a private tutoring company helping children with reading and comprehension. Later I worked in the training department of a child care resource and referral agency where my eyes were opened up to the unique issues and challenges facing home and center-based child care providers. Eventually, I got my teacher certification and became an elementary school teacher. Soon I became especially interested and involved in working with children with special needs. All of these experiences helped to develop my passion for helping all children, no matter what their abilities, not only lto earn, but to be curious, to love learning and (I hope) to become life-long learners.

That’s my background. Now I am a mother of two young children, trying to balance work and family. This is a lot harder than I ever expected. Despite my training and experience working with young children, I still feel terribly inadequate as a mother. Am I spending enough time with my children? Am I helping them to grow and develop in the way I had envisioned I would before I became a mom? Am I encouraging their curiosity, sense of wonder and independence? Am I doing enough? As I meet other mothers in my community I am learning that I am not alone with these thoughts. Thank goodness for community!

I am thankful that my work gives me ideas of things to do with my own children and reassurance about my own parenting efforts. I hope that the materials I have developed will also help others. I hope to give other parents more confidence in their own efforts to teach their children. And I hope to ease the pressures on other teachers and child care professionals as they try to meet the needs of the children and families they work with. I hope this blog will help me to have conversations with people beyond my immediate community so that I can better serve the needs of those caring for young children.

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  1. To the owner of WOW…. Interesting website.

    At this point of time, we are developing a listing on our own website — of “resources” for use by both parents and professional educators. IF you would like to discuss the possibility of adding WOW to this listing, please open a dialogue with me. (Note: there is “no fee” involved).


    Executive Director
    The Emerald Trust
    Burnaby, B.C. Canada

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