Music and Movement: A Cure for Cabin Fever

Here in the Northeast and across much of the country winter is hitting hard. With the thermometer hovering around zero, we’ve all hunkered down indoors. Even Bug’s preschool is keeping the kids indoors all day.

All this indoor time can make kids itchy with cabin fever.  Throw a little singing and dancing into the day and watch the winter blues melt away! Singing is a fun way to pass the time and dancing can let off a lot of pent up energy. As an added bonus, they are both full of teaching and learning opportunities:

  • Singing songs helps children build vocabulary and boosts memory
  • Songs with alliteration (words that start with the same sound) and rhyme teach children about the sounds within words, an important pre-reading skill
  • Singing games like “hokey pokey” and “ring around the rosy” teach cooperation and encourage social interaction
  • Games like musical chairs or dancing and freezing when the music stops promote gross motor and listening skills
  • Rhythm activities reinforce math concepts like counting and patterns
  • Encourage creativity with free dance experiences or by making up new songs with children

Here is a great article put out by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) about the important role music can play in teaching and learning.

For great ideas on music activities for young children check out our music products including: Making Music (ages 3-8 ) and Music with Little Ones (for infants and toddlers). Both are available as a complete kit or as an activity binder only.


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